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Armor All Wipe Set
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spot clean in seconds! wash & wax the entire car in minutes!

You’ve trusted Armor All® car care wipes to clean and protect your car’s interior for years, and now this Armor All® breakthrough allows you to clean, shine and protect the outside with that same “wipe and walk away” convenience.

Whether you drive to your job or driving is your job. If you live downtown or down a dusty road, whether you have a garage or not, Armor All® Ultra Shine Wash wipes keep your car sparking clean in any season.

No more

No buckets No hoses
No rubbing No buffing

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Order your set of Armor All® Ultra Shine Wash Wipes (12 pack) and Armor All® Ultra Shine Wax Wipes (12 pack) for just $19.95 plus $7.95 processing and handling, and you will also get our Armor All® Tire & Trim Shine Sponges (8 pack) absolutely FREE ($10 value)!

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